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New Look, Ads Upgrade and Newspaper / Redesign

(2019 Q4, Blocks.press) Blocks.press now includes several upgrades in process. Including a newspaper, and new Ads Server coming online. Billing is expected to be new in the BlockAds server integrated by Q1 2020. The Capital Markets site is already to market and ready for contracting ads. The old ads sever will shutdown with the ads page at the end of 2019. The newspaper magazine will begin with feeds and featured headlines. Blocks.press has a new Redesign with a new look and feel. Planned features include a financial markets panel for 2020. ***** Note: The New Ads Server BlocksAds was put on using AdFlex November 1st. Plural to symbolize support for Sites & Ads.
New Look, Ads Upgrade and Newspaper / Redesign

Written by: Blocks.press
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